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Adult Entertainment

Want entertainment for an event without all the kiddie stuff? We got what you need!

Bachelor/ Bachelorette Party packages:

Make that party one to remember from making a bra appear from nowhere to making beer appear from fire. Make your event one to remember with a funny show that will put everyone in a good mood before the big day!

Magic Show:

30 Minutes- $125

45 Minutes- $165

1 Hour- $185


Strolling magic for 1 hour then 1 hour show- $250

Add a snow cone machine for $65 (they go great with liquor by the way)

Holiday/ Theme/ Celebration packages:

Make that special day even more memorable! Anything from Weddings, Graduation Parties, Holidays, Casual Gatherings, Community Events, Work Parties, or even Celebration of Life Parties.

Strolling Magic Show:

1 hour- $165

1 hour and 30 minute magic show- $200

Magic show for 30 Minutes- $135

Magic show for 45 Minutes- $175

Magic show for 1 Hour- $200


Pull a prank!:

Pull a prank by having a clown show up to work and startle your friends!

15 minutes- $100